Count Noctus Shadeaux, the head of the other influential merchant family in Eubric Freeport - the other being the Hinckwells, suffers from a rare condition called Le Malheur. It causes vulnerability to many natural substances such as sunlight and garlic. The condition is passed down in his bloodline, and his daughter Bellanotte also has the disorder. His other two children, Umbra and Nuitan, are unaffected.

The paleness and aversion to sunlight resulted by Le Malheur caused the peasants in Noctus's old county in Charis Kingdom to think of him as a vampire, so they banished him and his family. The Shadeaux then came to Eubric to start a new life. Noctus took over his brother Matinus's merchant company, and raised it to new heights. Nowadays he and Heinrich Hinckwell compete over the place of the wealthiest family in the Freeport, which causes much tension between the two families. Noctus was trained as a dragoon by a Dastanese knight when he was young, and he still keeps bats - distant relatives of true dragons - as his pets.

Because he cannot go outside during the daytime, he often takes strolls around the Triad Park during the night. On one such night, he was harrassed by heroes of Heroica who had been hired by Dr. Alphonse Cula to find out whether the count was a vampire. The Count was severely poisoned by the heroes, but eventually recovered.


Count Shadeaux faces heroes of Heroica at the Triad Park.

Appearances Edit

Battle Statistics Edit

Quest#34 Edit

Count Noctus Shadeaux

  • Type: Dark
  • Level: 50
  • Health: 953/953
  • Special I: Veil of Bats – The count summons a horde of bats to protect him, making him impervious to all attacks for the next round. Used only if there are guards left in the battle.
  • Special II: ENOUGH! – Ends the battle if all his guards are taken out.
  • Drops: 1000 gold
  • Note: Count Noctus does not get Free Hits.

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