Nuitan Shadeaux is the only son of Count Noctus Shadeaux, the younger brother of Umbra, and Bellanotte's twin. He was born in Eubric so he does not sport the accent that his father and older sister have, but he does suffer from a nervous stuttering. Unlike his best friend Lyren Hinckwell, Nuitan is studious and kind, but has started to get influenced by Lyren's antics. Unbeknowst to almost anyone else, Nuitan has fallen desperately in love with Lyren - the only person he can talk to without stuttering. When Bellanotte found out about Nuitan's love affair with Lyren, she offered to become engaged with the Hinckwell boy to allow her brother to be near him. The engagement was announced at the 400th Foundation Day Ball, but it was swiftly called off.

Together the two boys have often gotten themselves in a spot of trouble - including the occasion when they were transported into the Void with their school, the Academy of Enlightenment. Their dream is to one day travel to the Doomsayer's Island, which is forbidden to be entered by the degree of Heroica.

At the Academy, Nuitan belonged to the clique called "Foureyes". In battle, Nuitan uses his clerical knowledge to support his allies.


Nuitan and Lyren share a kiss at the Suicide Cliffs.

Appearances Edit

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