Dean Olfus Bumblebore was a gnome who taught physics and etherology at The Academy of Enlightenment. He was good friends with the inventor Moranis Szalinski, and had a fiery rivalry with Dean Lycentia Morrible.

He spiralled into madness when he became obsessed with a female student, Isabeau Carpenter, who had sought solace with him when she was heavily bullied by the other students. Bumblebore wanted her to love him back, but when she turned him down, he raped and murdered her in fury. Ashamed, he hid her body into the sewers and tried to forget the whole thing. However, Isabeau returned to haunt the school as a wight. After her body was discovered, her father Jonah Carpenter came to ask questions about her demise, driving Bumblebore to the edge of a nervous breakdown. The archdemon Marilith took advantage of the father's grief and possessed him, and through him relocated the entire academy into the Void where it was attacked by demons and other spirits.


Isabeau's death at the hands of Dean Bumblebore.

Once Bumblebore realized that his actions had caused the death of several other students and teachers as well, he could not live with himself. He told the truth about Isabeau's death to a group of heroes from Heroica that had come to save the academy, and soon afterwards took his own life.


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