Orokai is a hulking greenskin hunter, whose parents were a hobgoblin and an ogre, both slaves in Eubric. Due to his mixed heritage, Orokai had trouble finding his place in the orcish community even after his family had been liberated, spending his days alone wandering the countryside, hunting down various beasts for a small fee. He considered joining Heroica, but finally found a new family among the Wolfgang. He became well acquainted with three other members that had all been shunned by their communities, and they became collectively known as the Fearsome Four.


Orokai assaults the mutants of Transmogria.

Orokai and his friends were commissioned to travel to Babeleth with Mr. Gaunt to prevent a group of Heroicans from reaching the Tower of Babel. Orokai infiltrated the group when one of them was captured by mutants dwelling in the ruined castle of Transmogria. He told the heroes a story how his bride had been slain by the mutants on the road to Vega, when in fact Orokai had never even been with a woman before. The truth came out eventually, and the heroes agreed to give up their mission and destroy the Tower instead. They did not take Orokai along, however, but sent him after one of their own, Throlar Wineghilm, who had split up from the rest of the group earlier. Orokai faced Throlar and a harlot called Nazgulie with his friend Detraehd Loc on the Blood Brick Road outside Vega, but save for Throlar, all of them died.

The surviving members of the Fearsome Four, Walbartan and Hodurr Thornback, remember Orokai as a person with a strange sense of humor who was fiercely loyal to those he cared about.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Orokai the Greenskin Hunter

  • *Inspired*
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 45
  • Defense: 10
  • Health: 58/58 116/116
  • Special (when targeting Throlar): Claim the Mark – Instantly knocks out Throlar.
  • Special (when targeting Nazgulie): Join Me In Death – Orokai rips Nazgulie into pieces but gets mortally wounded in the process. Both Nazgulie and Orokai are removed from the battle. Orokai drops nothing in this case.
  • Drops: Simurgh Wingblade (WP:12, cannot be used with a shield; greatsword), Mythril Mail (SP:10; suitable to knights and barbarians only; bodywear), Mead

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