The Light that reveals everything will shine forever.
~ Popular Prayer

The Paladin Order is a group of soldiers, clerics, priests and prophets who have dedicated their lives to Ennoc and his path. Once they were the soldiers of the fallen Kingdom of Ennon, but since it's destruction in the Orcish Invasion they have relocated to Eubric. Though once a virtuous organization, it may be possible that the free city has corrupted them slightly. The other option is that they have grown antiquated in the ever-changing world: their continued prejudice towards "greenskins" sticks out like a sore thumb.

Leaders Edit

The Paladin Order is both a religious and military group. For that purpose they have both a High Priestess and a High Commander. It can be assumed that the position has been divided since the Order's founding, since the Order's founder Miekahl Lightbringer apparently served both functions. His tomb can be found in the town Tanco in Moone.

High Priestess Alisameth serves as the Order's current High Priestess, and is stationed in Eubric.

Lord Kapriel serves as the Order's current The High Commander of Light and Justice, and is deployed along with his troops in the First Division.

Military Bodies Edit

First Division Edit

Meeting Room Paladins

Around the table from left to right: Unnamed, Sir Jons, High Priestess Alisameth, Lord Kapriel, Lady Lutha, Sir Pellmar.

Led by Lord Kapriel. Serves primarily to protect the High Kingdoms and surrondingg areas. The First Division will serve as a force of protection should the Orcs invade again.

Second Division Edit

Led by Sir Jons, previously led by Sir Mandric Melifano. The Second Division is used primarily to police the rest of Uland, but like the First Division they can be deployed nearly anywhere.

Third Division Edit

Led by an unnamed officer, a former student of Kapriel. Serves as the naval force for the Paladin Order.

Fourth Division Edit

Led by Sir Pellmar. Stationed in Eubric the Fourth Division is used to protect Paladin sanctioned buildings in the city and to attempt to help keep the peace.

Eighteenth Battalion of Light Edit

Led by Commander Brusk. They are stationed within Eubric.

That's the 18th Battalion of Light big on smiting, not much else, death and glory types.
~ Commander Fervent

Warrior Priests Edit

Led by Yu Shu Enzima. Warrior Priests are dispatched to areas who have a standing army loyal to Ennoc. They serve as political advisors, military commanders, teachers, and missionaries.

Healers Edit

Led by Lady Lutha. The Healers of Ennoc serve to heal injured troops, and to protect the lives of the citizens of Eubric.

Important Locations Edit

House of Ennoc's Children Edit

A convent a small ways north of Bric'Lin. The convent is run by Mandrea Melifano.

Tanco Edit

Town on the island of Moone that the Paladin Order protects. It holds the tomb of the first High Priest and Commander of Justice and Light.

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