Piro the Visionary (played by Pyrovisionary) is a wereturtle battle mage who was a member of Heroica until the events of the Cruel Angel's Thesis. He retired afterwards.

For most of his life Piro was a simple farmer in Njago, but a disastrous raid by the Nagas to his village made him want to fight against evil. Thus he trained himself in both combat and magic, and travelled to Eubric to use those skills for good. He still cannot stand the sight of serpentine Nagas even after all the years.

Some time after the Cruel Angel's Thesis, Piro moved to the town of Towr on the island of Leland, where he settled down as a fortuneteller. Though widely disbelieved and prone to overreaction, he was able to convince a few skeptical residents to flee with him shortly before the horrific slaughter that left Towr a ghost town.


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