When he was a child, Ralli lived in a barbaric tribe of orcs from Baltarok. He was through fully mocked for his mixed heritage and love for scrolls and science. Because of this, he was given the nickname Book-Eater, like when his father was called Slime-Eater for mingling with a female human.

Once his father served no more use to the tribe due to weakness and old age, both him and his wife were killed in cold blood, with Ralli being forced to become the tribe's new witch doctor when he was merely a child. Tired of being mocked for his above-average skills and filled with hatred for the other orcs, Ralli added sedatives to the tribe's dinner. One by one they fell asleep. The witch doctor conducted painful experiments on the tribe, and slowly turned each one into a Homunculus. He trapped them all in tiny little bottles both as trophies and minions, stole the tribe's treasure and left for Eubric with a clean slate and a lot of gold.

At Eubric, Book-Eater immediately headed to the famed "Guild of Invision. At first, the secretary was uncertain about him but all he had to do was show his collection of Homunculi. The doctor became quick friends with Dr. Alphonse Cula, the head alchemist, and was named Supervisor of Foreign Concoctions for his affinity in the strange Homunculi and other unique potions. His obsession with scrolls became a nuisance when another member caught him using one. His friendship with Dr. Cula saved him, though, and they both quickly disposed of the other member. Since then, Ralli was very careful about where he practiced magic.

Years later, Book-Eater decided to do something new and interesting as he was bored with his life. A new recipe. He told the Red Assassins he required some killing service, but he would only mention the details to the assassin. Of course, he researched them beforehand and found an orcish one like him to make a believable story. When the red assassin, Zug, entered the house, Ralli outsmarted the assassins and gave the poor young orc a task he couldn't complete: "Kill your leaders." With that, he quickly fell into the Red Death and Ralli used a scroll of slowing numerous times to give him time to make his goal. He hired a group of Heroicans to protect him while he did the process of curing, and made up a story saying it was his nephew so that he didn't get any trouble with the Town Watch. He also added a couple of Noxious Venom's into the elixir, making Zug think he was actually Ralli's nephew. After curing the assassin, though, the red death transferred unto Ralli and the alchemist started to furiously internally bleeding, quickly reaching actual death.

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