Rastaban was a great red dragon that Baba sent after heroes of Heroica who tried to find a way to kill her in Spesialia. Rastaban set an enormous forest fire to distract the heroes, but was quickly vanquished by them.


Rastaban in the middle of a forest fire.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Rastaban, the Brimstone Dragon

  • *Absorbs Fire* *Immune to sealed, confused, hexed, petrified, doomed and sudden death*
  • Type: Fiery/Flying
  • Level: 52
  • Health: 1531/1531
  • Special I: Countdown (5/5) – The Brimstone Dragon takes a deep breath, preparing Armageddon Flare. It takes 5 deep breaths for the special attack to be ready.
  • Special II: Armageddon Flare – Causes 999 fire-elemental damage to all opponents. Used after the Countdown hits zero.
  • Drops: Brimstone Armor (SP:6, absorbs fire damage; causes fire damage equal to wearer’s defense to those that hit the wearer with normal attacks; suitable to barbarians, knights, dragoons, skirmishers, regulators and vindicators; bodywear), 5 Dragon Scales (Grants lucky- and blessed-effects when consumed)
  • Note: The Countdown will automatically decrease by 1 every round.

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