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Ratabor Mossycloak is a human cleric of Eubric easily recognizable by his deathly white pallor and his “wet blanket”/somber attitude on life. Due to his tendency to scare his patients with his visage rather than heal them, Ratabor sells off his own tears which have some healing potency. Ratabor first encountered heroes from Heroica on their quest to rescue a missing boy. Ratabor provided healing aid and summoned law enforcement to assist the heroes in the capture of the boy's kidnappers. On another occasion, before a trip to Moone, Ratabor requested heroes aid in obtaining an artifact from the island. Sometime later, Ratabor was nearly evicted by Heroicans while staying at the Waltzing Dragon Inn, but quickly made right on his debts. Most recently, in an odd display of heroics, Ratabor accompanied a group of heroes on a quest to rescue a contingent of mages from a pocket dimension besieged by the undead.

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Ratabor's room at the Waltzing Dragon Inn.

Appearances Edit

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