Reno Bonaparte is the identical twin brother of Admiral Nemo Bonaparte. He used to be obedient and loyal to his family, albeit more nonchalant than his brother, but the sea battle where he was injured and his father Leo was killed changed something within him. He watched his brother rule the waters around Uland with an iron fist, and could not bear it. He started plotting with the Ji Pei to overthrow his brother, even taking upon the false identity of Pirate Captain Jolly Roger to sabotage the Bonaparte fleet. His plans were foiled by the heroes of Heroica, but he managed to talk the heroes into keeping his secrets.


Reno posing as "Jolly Roger".

Later on, he thought of a plot to kidnap his twin brother, send him to the faraway land of Terra Chima and pose as him with the help of an artificial eye manufactured by the Tritech Corporation. A group of heroes unraveled his plot, rescued the real admiral and in the end, killed Reno in a desperate battle. The liberal ideas he tried to bring to Fort Bonaparte died with him... or did they?


Reno's death.


Battle StatisticsEdit


Reno Bonaparte

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 46
  • Health: 1609/1609
  • Special I: Jolly Roger – Reno starts laughing, recovering 100 health each round. Only a bottle of rum broken on his head will make him stop, for he hates the taste of it.
  • Special II: Laser Eye – Causes 46 damage that ignores SP and row to the target. Used only when laughing.
  • Drops: Conspirator (WP:11, darkness-elemental, causes blinded-effect, longsword)

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