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Retak Ysp (played by PsyKater) was a Fenarian necromancer who was a member of Heroica until the events of the Cruel Angel's Thesis. He did not survive.

Spending almost two thousand years in the dark underground realm of Fenario was enough for Retak. He ascended to take a breath of fresh air, and an entire new world of options opened to him. He raised an army of undead and marched to the elven kingdom of Spesialia and beyond, but eventually he was defeated by a group of heroes claiming to belong to something called Heroica. Impressed by their prowess, Retak joined their organization. However, a fateful journey to the Doomsayer’s Island made him a Nephilim of the dark angel Lucifuge. Together with his quest-mates he set out to destroy the organization that was once intrigued him so.

Years later, Retak resurfaced in a Plane of Holding having been brought back to life via a crown of Helvetia. Seeing the state of undead around him and their manipulation by the necromancers on the plane, the Fenarian began an insurrection and aided by heroes from Heroica, defeated the managers of the site. Retak left the plane with the heroes blessing, vowing to end the abuse of the undead in other Planes of Holding scattered throughout the world.


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