Rex the Rhinotaur calls himself the "mightiest mercenary in the world". The wererhino does almost anything for his pay, but also has a big heart (although not a lot in the brain department). He travels with his wife Rhiannon, who looks after the gold he earns and deals with everyday matters akin to a manager. Rex needs a lot of management, too, since he would most likely drink and gamble his gold away instantly without it.


Rex and Rhiannon reconciled with the help of heroes.

Rex met a group of heroes from Heroica in Salmanda when he was escorting a group of Sisters of Danab into a conclave to decide their next leader. When the heroes helped him settle an argument with his wife, Rex promised to help them in turn for as long as they were in Salmanda.

In battle, Rex wields his enormous halberd "Grindoceros" with the skills of a paragon.


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