Rosier the Seductive is one of the seven archdemons that entered Olegaia in ancient times through various means. Rosier was summoned by the legendary Green Witch who ruled the forests of Ozmath in Babeleth over a thousand years ago. She encountered a mindflayer who was carrying copies of the Pandemonicon, and got one of them as a bribe.

The book's dark magics corrupted her, and she made a pact with the Archdemon of Lust, and together they ravaged the lands until the Green Witch was finally defeated by her own daughter. Rosier could not be defeated, but was instead sealed into a forest that is nowadays known as the Lost Forest.

Rosier governs the sin of lust and the element of wood, and s/he is genderfluid, capable of seducing the minds of both men and women despite their sexual orientation. Despite being sealed by the witches and unable to escape, Rosier managed to corrupt and maim druids and other people that entered the woods and form them into his/her own personal army known as the Dark Druids. S/he also found portals leading into The Faerie, realm of the fairies, and send the Dark Druids there to collect Fairy Dust, which also acts as a powerful aphrodisiac, for his/her sustenance.

Because of Rosier's influence, the Lost Forest is a place where no mortal being should wander into.


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