Sir Rubinstein (played by Rumble Strike) is a human skirmisher who was a member of Heroica until the events of the Cruel Angel's Thesis. He retired afterwards.

As a Lion Knight, Sir Rubinstein considered himself a hero by default even before he joined Heroica. He felt it was his duty to protect others, but he expected that they would show some gratitude for it every once in a while. It seemed absurd to Sir Rubinstein that they never made him a Veteran, despite what he considered his major contributions to the organization.

Five years later, Sir Rubinstein was still training Skirmishers for the Lion Knights under the leadership of Sir Leofard. Thanks to an arrangement made by Lord Knyghton, the aging Skirmisher was temporarily relieved by fellow Hero-turned-Skirmisher Arthur Regulus, giving Sir Rubinstein time for the vacation to Charis he'd always wanted.


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