Map of Salmanda.

Salmanda, also known as the "City of the Golden Domes", is an independent city-state located on the north-eastern coast of the continent of Abra. It's ruler is known as an "Almagest" or "Almagesta", the current one being Almagesta Salome.


The Golden Square at the Port of Salmanda.

The city is known from its many wonders, from mages to the bazaars to a whole menagerie of rare animals located just outside the city walls. This has attracted many visitors to the city over the years, allowing it to thrive on tourism. With people coming all over the world, Salmanda is a melting pot for various cultures and religions. The city's matron goddess is still Mother Danab, and the main temple of the Sisters of Danab is located within the city's Holy District. However, the Cult of Venomari that is on the rise in the lands of Kalma to the south threaten the sisterhood's position.

The immortal witch Baba used to live in a chicken-legged hut at the Kalakita Bog outside Salmanda.

Locations in SalmandaEdit

  • Holy District
    • Cartographer's Stall
    • Grand Library
    • Sanctity Street
    • Sanctuary
    • Temple of Danab
  • Palace District
  • The Port
  • The Slums
  • The Souk
    • Akbar's Exquisite Requisites
    • Fatim's Wondrous Sundries
    • Kabob's Kebab Wagon
    • Sayid's Bizarre Bazaar

Locations around SalmandaEdit

  • Kalakita Bog
    • Beastmen's Lair
    • Fountain of Danab
  • Luxor Dunes
  • Shipwreck Shore
    • Digging Site
    • Wreckage of the Titaanic

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