Semyaza the Sycophant was a low-caste demon that possessed Catnip Everdream. The possession was part of the experimentations done by Catnip's former lover, Solomon. Semyaza's presence was shown in the disfiguration of Catnip's mouth. Her teeth became rows upon rows of rotating sawblades, which she hid behind a scarf.

Throughout the years of their coexistence, Catnip kept Semyaza at bay, while the demon communicated with Solomon, making it impossible for Catnip to take revenge for his betrayal. Eventually someone else got to kill Solomon first, at which point Catnip lost control over the demon and it burst violently out of her body, killing her in the process. The demon of whispers was then banished to Azazot by a group of heroes from Heroica.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Semyaza the Sycophant

  • *Ranged, attacks from back row* *Immune to all elements, negative effects and sudden death* *Hastened*
  • Type: Demon/Ethereal
  • Level: 75
  • Health: 446/446
  • Special: Devil’s Whisper – Makes the target hexed.
  • Drops: Hexed Idol (Causes the hexed-effect to one humanoid enemy when consumed.)

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