Lieutenant Serevan is a hard-boiled officer who believes in strict discipline and total obedience. He loathes Heroica which he views as a bunch of roguish mercenaries. The heroism of the champions of Heroica on the 400th Foundation Day Ball turned his head somewhat, but he crossed blades with some of them later on. After the hero Purpearl resisted capture he arrested her and broke one of her ribs and her nose.

Serevan is one of the few Moon Elves living in Eubric Freeport, and the Bonaparte commander Meliodoul Fogfarer was his son, explaining the striking resemblance in their looks.


Battle StatisticsEdit



  • *Immune to Blinded, Sealed, Sleep, Fragile, Weakened, Confused, and Instant Death*
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 65
  • Health: 800/800
  • Special I: Leader of the Guards - Encourages his fellow guards.
  • Special II: Swordsman - With great grace, Serevan disarms his foe, knocking their health down to 1 and removing their weapon. They must spend a turn retrieving it. Used only if all fellow guards are encouraged.
  • Drops: Serevan's Blade (Longsword, WP: 15), Guard's Epaulets (Immune to Blinded, Sealed, Sleep, Fragile, Weakened, Confused, Instant Death, Suitable for Guards)

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