Sham Poo is a wandering half-orcish merchant with wares that are most certainly not stolen property. He adores his mother Scheherazade, the matron of the saloon in Heroica Hall, and sometimes returns to her to get his doze of tought love. He has promised to buy his mother her own Inn when his business picks up, but has so far failed to keep that promise. The identity of his father is a big mystery even to him. Always on the look-out for more profit, Sham travels all around the globe, and you never know where you might encounter him next. So far he has appeared in Jolly Roger's Grotto at the Crystalline Ocean, the Pagoda of Nine Elements and the werepanther village of Baokun in Xu as well as the Blood Brick Road in Babeleth Darklands.


Sham getting the boot from his mother.


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