The matriarch of the Ji Pei family, Shanxian Ji Pei is a masterful architect and one of the few blue-skinned aoi still left in the world. She came to Eubric some years ago as an ambassador to Xu, her homeland, but quickly got involved into the city's politics. She sees the Freeport as a perfect base to build a new kind of society that is based on technology and progress. She is aided by the genius inventor Vincent Legonardo in this mission. A chi monk called Lee Long has acted as her personal bodyguard ever since becoming indebted to her.

Before arriving to Eubric, Shanxian was married to General Yeong Ji Pei, who died in the war against Nagashan. She bore him one son, Jun, who returned to Xu to avenge the deaths of his brotherhood, the Tao Warriors. Shanxian sent heroes of Heroica after him, but they failed to bring him back.

Thinking Jun was dead, Shanxian swore vengeance and sent another team of heroes along with newly created automata to slay the culprits. Lee joined the group, leaving Shanxian unattended for the first time ever since their arrival to Eubric. During that time, the construction site of the new guildhouse for the Baker's Guild that she had designed was sabotaged, and she lost both of her legs as a result. The return of her son saved her from sinking into depression, and Vincent Legonardo promised to invent new prosthetic legs for her.


Shanxian awards his late husband's sword, the Qilin Blade, to the heroes who rescued her son.

After her accident, the Council of the Blue Hand, leaders of Xu, grew worried about Shanxian's ability to continue in her position as an ambassador, so they summoned her back to her homeland to discuss the matter. Unable to escort her personally because of his status as an exile, Lee Long sent an entourage of heroes from Heroica to guard her in his stead.


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