Shaun used to be a common street urchin whose life was cut short by the violent life on the alleys of the Hovels. He was given new life by the undead necromancer Sycamore Ziegfried, who lead him to a dark temple of Zoot underneath Eubric. Even in his zombified state, Shaun kept his curiosity, so he wandered away from the temple until he came to a spider-ridden basement. He satisfied his hunger with the arachnids.

One day a little nôrn called Sküld came to the basement with tears in her eyes. Shaun consoled her, and the two became fast friends. They used to play almost every day for months, until Shaun was summoned back to the temple. The little girl came to find him with a group of warriors, and now the best friends have reunited. The heroes that saved him encouraged him to contact Dr. Alphonse Cula of the Guild of Invision, and the vampire gave him a job as his assistant. Thankful for finding a new meaning to his afterlife, Shaun is fiercely loyal to his new employer.


Shaun and Sküld investigate the dark temple.


Battle StatisticsEdit



  • Type: Undead/Humanoid
  • Level: 0
  • Health: 5/5
  • Special: Wail – Shaun calls Sküld’s name, with no effect.
  • Drops: nothing
  • Note: Will flee once all the other enemies are defeated. Immune to sudden death.

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