Sir Grady the Bold is a Black Knight in service of the Hinckwells. He is tasked mostly with protecting important persons, and works for the most part under Henry Hinckwell, with whom he appears relatively close.

Sir Grady was first encountered by the heroes of Heroica when he and Henry asked them to retrieve some bombs they believed the Shadeaux had stolen using the Blood Paws as a proxy. Though the heroes were hesitent, they did eventually retrieve the bombs from the true thieves, Strong-Chested Bors and his gang. Though it was never clear who the bombs actually started with, the heroes sided with the Shadeaux, and had to fight Grady to keep the bombs. They spared his life.

Sir Grady later appeared in Eubric, where some robbers tried to steal his money. He fought alongside the heroes of Heroica, but was not particuarlyy thankful for the assistance.

Appearances Edit

Battle Statistics Edit

Quest 84 Edit

Sir Grady the Bold

  • *Immune to Instant Death, Asleep and Blind*
  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 38
  • Defense: 2
  • Health: 250/250
  • Special: Riposte – Sir Grady is encouraged and counterstikes for the remainder of the round. Sir Grady is encouraged and counterstrikes for the following round as well.
  • Drops: Nasal Helmet (Headwear, SP: 1), Hinckwell Sword (WP: 8), Traveller's Cloak (Backwear, SP: 1)

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