The conclave hall at the Temple of Danab in Salmanda.

The Sisterhood of Danab is a wide-spread religious order of all-female nuns that have dedicated their lives to serve Mother Danab, the goddess of health. The Sisters take care of the sick, the wounded and the mentally ill at their temples. Many women come to give birth at the temples as well, hoping to get the goddess' blessing upon the child. The main temple of the order lies in Salmanda, where their leader, the Eldest Sister, resides.

The Sisters of Danab wear white veils over their heads, often tying it so it covers their mouths as well. Due to their position as "sisters" of a goddess, the Sisters are called by the honorific "aunt". Many young girls serve as novices at the temple, but only a portion of them are ordained into sisterhood, since it requires full dedication and celibacy.

Known Sisters of DanabEdit

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