Slim Yscum was an infamous drug dealer who worked at Triad Park, selling his "happy pills" to the shady nightwalkers against the permission of the alchemist's guild. As a phlegman, he had the power to split himself with every strike taken, but ultimately there was nothing left of him when three rogues from Heroica cut him to pieces.

Slim Yscum's Happy PillsEdit

  • Seventh Heaven (Causes the hastened- and encouraged-effects, but also the fragile- and poisoned-effects.) Costs 20 gold.
  • Double Rainbow (Causes the encouraged- and lucky-effects, but also the confused- and poisoned-effects.) Costs 30 gold.
  • Pixie Dust (Causes the hastened- and lucky-effects, but also the weakened- and poisoned-effects.) Costs 40 gold.


Battle StatisticsEdit

Slim Yscum

  • Type: Vermin
  • Level: 20
  • Health: 400/400
  • Special: Bad Trip – Causes the cursed- and poisoned-effects to the target.
  • Drops: nothing
  • Note: Every successful hit will split Slim into two, dividing his level and remaining health evenly.

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