Sneaky was one of the three dark dwarven burglars that tried to infiltrate the Hinckwell Villa, along with Crafty and Shifty. They were eventually defeated by heroes of Heroica with the aid of Laureline Hinckwell.

Sneaky's skills equal that of a Dark Dwarf Miner.


Battle StatisticsEdit


Dark Dwarf Sneaky

  • *Immune to blinded, sealed and petrified*
  • Type: Dark
  • Level: 5
  • Defense: 4
  • Health: 65/65
  • Special: Mine, All Mine! – Deals 5 damage and steals up to 30 gold from the target at the same time.
  • Drops: 30 gold, Pickaxe (Allows the hero to dig through a breakable wall or obstacle, tool)

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