Spears are weapons suitable for barbarians, dragoons, skirmishers and winged warriors. Many heroes have started their career with a spear with three weapon power, and a spear with five weapon power is available for 50 gold from Anwyl Smokebeard's Smithy, in the Marketplace.

List of SpearsEdit

  • Anointed Spear (WP:5, damages undead; spear)
  • Fauxthril Spear (WP:5, spear)
  • Metasimian Dory (WP:9, pierces defense; spear)
  • Mockthril Spear (WP:4, spear)
  • Rakshasa Trident (WP:9 multiplied by the amount of Rakshasa weapons equipped by the party in the battle; spear)
  • Spider Leg (WP:8, double WP against flying enemies, spear)
  • Tiger Slayer (WP:10/20 against enemies with “tiger” in their name; spear)
  • Training Spear (WP:2, spear)
  • Trident (WP:5, double damage against aquatic enemies; spear.)
  • Wooden Spear (WP:4, wood-elemental spear)
  • Xiaolin’s Bident (WP:16; instantly kills Aoi; ice- and lightning-elemental spear)

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