Spell Items are special items that can only be used by job classes that have access to ether. These items can usually be used unlimited times after being obtained.

The two most common categories of spell items are the gems and the scrolls, but other items that can only be used by ether also exist:

  • Jade Lamp of Summoning (Summons a genie called Mediq, restoring health equal to the level of the summoner at the cost of 5 ether.)
  • Laterna Magica (Pierces through enchanted darkness, causing blindness to whoever it hits at the cost of 1 ether.)
  • Mask of Anguished Souls (At the cost of 10 ether, the user may sacrifice an undead or a summon to cause doomed-effect to one target.)
  • Naamah’s Hourglass (Randomly causes either hastened or slowed to the target at the cost of 3 ether)
  • Onyx Lamp of Summoning (Summons a corrupt genie called Efreet that deals 666 darkness-elemental damage to 1-6 random combatants other than the summoner at the cost of 6 ether per hit.)

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