Eleventh Necromanticer Sycamore Ziegfried was the wife of Zed Ziegfried and mother of Altair, Goldraum and Chesterine. A few decades ago she studied the copy of the black grimoire Pandemonicon that the family she had married into possessed. The book lead her to discover a forsaken temple of Zoot underneath Eubric. At the temple she awakened Abraxas, the Archdemon of Pride, and made a pact with him. She got her husband persuaded into the pact, but the archdemon found him to be more controllable than Sycamore, so she was slain and Zed became Abraxas' servant in her stead.


Sycamore awakens Mephisto, the Archdemon of Gluttony.

Only when Zed failed Abraxas and got burned alive, the demon resurrected Sycamore and made her gather an army of undead for him. One of the undead she summoned was Shaun, but the zombie boy had a friend, Sküld Verdandi who hired a large party of champions of Heroica to find him. The sudden arrival of heroes to the dark temple put an end to this scheme, but not before Sycamore awakened another archdemon, Mephisto. The heroes managed to banish Mephisto and Sycamore was killed once again, and her remains were returned to the Ziegfried family grave. However, her soul lingered in the archdemon's grasp.


The souls of Zed, Fahrenheit and Sycamore inside Lilly's mind.

Years later, Abraxas slipped Sycamore's soul inside the mind of her granddaughter Lilly, along with the souls of Zed and his father Fahrenheit - who Zed and her had betrayed by feeding his soul to the archdemon. Abraxas' plans were thwarted once again by Heroica.


Battle StatisticsEdit


Sycamore Ziegfried

  • *Immune to sudden death, petrify and sealing*
  • Type: Undead/Dark
  • Level: 24
  • Health: 761/761
  • Ether: 4/4
  • Special I: Rise Ye Undying! – 1-6 Skeletons join the battle at the cost of 1 ether.
  • Special II: Die Ye Living! – Instantly kills the target. Used only if there is no ether left.
  • Drops: Staff of the Necromancer (WP:12; damages undead; +1 level to raised undead; staff), Health Core


Soul of Sycamore Ziegfried

  • *Immune to negative effects and sudden death*
  • Type: Ethereal/Humanoid
  • Level: 45
  • Defense: 0
  • Health: 1085/1085
  • Ether: 12/12
  • Special I: Rise Ye Undying! – 1-6 ghosts join the battle at the cost of 1 ether per ghost. Used only if all three souls are standing.
  • Special II: Return Ye Immortal! – Brings back the Souls of Fahrenheit and Zed with half health if they have been defeated at the cost of 1 ether per revival. Used only if either Fahrenheit or Zed have been defeated.
  • Special III: Die Ye Living! – Instantly knocks out the target. Used only if there is no ether left.
  • Drops: Staff of the Supreme Necromancer (WP:25; damages undead; +5 level to raised undead; suitable to necromancers; staff)

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