Syrio Fioretto is one of the few Ombrazzi in the world. Hailing from the Ombracian region at the Fang Coast, the people in his village all bear a purple skintone due to the influence of the cursed Lost Forest that grows nearby. When he was young, Syrio left his village and recruited into the army of Croma. Afterwards he served in several other armies, including those of Charis and Lucaresti. He excelled in wielding two swords in marauder style, and he named his blades Alba and Crepuscolo ("Dawn" and "Dusk").


Syrio fighting against enchanted armors.

Growing old, he got tired of warfare and moved to Eubric to teach combat skills and strategy at the Academy of Enlightenment. He was present when the school was abducted into the Void, and he had to take his old skills back to use again when fighting against living armors and other demons.


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