I am in need of some assistance in the finding of a missing cloak. I would investigate the issue myself but is a rather odd and unexpectantly nerve wrecking scenario and I would prefer a group of better equipped individuals to look into it.
~ Spinnestus, Priest of Mercutio

Taking Out the Laundry, was the fifty forth quest of the Heroica RPG and was hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit

IMG 3918

Breaking up a counter-fitting ring.

The Party was tasked with returning a cloak lined with gold mistakenly returned to a priest from the Cathedral of Commerce. Tracking down the owner was no easy matter and along the way the Party quelled riots, helped the oppressed, scuffled with Bonapartes, solved a murder, and uncovered a counter-fitting plot threatening to ruin Eubric's economy, organized by a mysterious J. Smith.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

Notable Enemies Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Quest 54 featured the game's first Grumpkin NPC's

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