Taurians is the common monicker for minotaurs, satyrs and centaurs, also known as the Children of Centurus. They are segregated species of werefolk with features from bulls, goats and horses, respectively. Minotaurs have heads, fur and hooves of a bull, satyrs have horns, beards and legs of a goat, and centaurs have the upper body of a human attached to a body of a horse.

Taurians are the ruling race on the island nation of Pyr, along with humans. Their myths tell of three human families blessed by the god Kentauros and turned into Taurians to rule in his name. To this day, the royal palace in Alexandria has four thrones; one for the Human King, one for the Minotaur King, one for the Satyr King and one for the Centaur King.

Taurian CharactersEdit

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