We are looking for powerful champions. We regret to inform you that you will have to turn in all your current items and weapons, but we will supply you with replacements and everything will be returned to you at the end of the quest. We will also be offering up a Cleric’s assistance if you need to be returned to fighting form! I cannot begin to tell you how many people are counting on you.
~ Draconius Draco
The Arena is the seventh Quest in the Heroica RPG. It was hosted by Zepher.

Plot Edit

The eight chosen heroes awoke in the cells of an arena along with numerous other competitors. They soon came to realize that they had been tricked. Draconius Draco and the Dark Lady Wren forced the heroes to fight each other, along with numerous other foes in a tournament style battle system. The heroes were able to survive the first round of combat, though Christpher Daggerfall was defeated by Phil and taken to a cell, and Thothwick meets a similar fate after Eric defeated him. The heroes attempted to rally their fellow combatants during a brief intermission, but decided to continue fighting instead. Also during the brief intermission the heroes found a note and gift from the Dark Lady Wren, who told them she was rooting for them.

A second round of combat ensued. After a failed escape attempt Henry and Jess agreed to Wren's deal, confining Hybros to a cell in exchange for their own continued freedom. When the first round of combat finally came to an end, the heroes broke out of the Arena with the help of their fellow prisoners Felton, Hans, Phil and Garrison (the last of whom flees after the fight).

Navigating the underground of the stadium for a while, the heroes found their imprisoned comrades. After freeing them Cronk was able to figure out an anagram Wren had given the heroes: "A Ace Refill Owlish Ill Wilt Orzo" or rather: "Heroica will fall.  Zoot will rise." Cronk won a Zoot's Plaything for his effort, and as per Wren's restrictions remained behind with Felton and Hans as the others went on. Cronk, Felton and Hans were able to escape after defeating a Chaos Beast.

The others were able to defeat Draconius, but in the end he met his demise at the hands of Wren, who explained that she was collecting Chaos and ensures the heroes she will see them again. The heroes woke up in the fields of Uland right outside Eubric, and returned home.

The Party Edit

  • Cronk, Level 6 Knight (CorneliusMurdock) *Party Leader*
  • Bartholomew Docken, Level 6 Ranger (Brickdoctor)
  • Eric, Level 7 Barbarian (Khorne)
  • Sir Christopher Daggerfall, Level 6 Knight (Fred Fred Burger)
  • Jess Islanti, Level 6 Rogue (Sisco)
  • Hybros, Level 7 Rogue (JimButcher)
  • Henry Sicariul, Level 1 Rogue (Peanuts)
  • Thothwick, Level 1 Rogue (Professor Flitwick)

Trivia Edit

  • The Arena marked the first appearance of Chaos Beasts and Zoot's Playthings.
  • This quest was the first quest to feature a side-quest.

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Felton
  • Hans
  • Victor Phyllus (Phil)
  • Wren
  • Draco Draconius

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