"To the heroes of Heroica Hall, we are most excited to announce on behalf of the city of Eubric, that we would be honored by your presence at the unveiling of a historic demonstration of the conjoining of science and industry with magic and mystery brought about through the genius of the highly regarded gnomish inventor Moranis Szalinski. The event shall be held at the Eubric Common House and we shall require the service of 4 to 6 heroes to represent the best of our fair city."
~ ..Eubric Freeport Chamber of...

The Breakthrough, was the twenty eighth quest of the Heroica RPG and was hosted by Waterbrick Down.

Plot Edit

Blue Hood Battle

Bluehood mutates into a powerful abomination.

The Party arrived the Eubric Common House for the unveiling of Moranis Szalinski's transmogrifying invention only to have the device explode upon its first demonstration nearly killing the Gnome inventor. Suspecting sabotage, the Party set off on behalf of the Town Watch to investigate the potential investors in the new technology. Traipsing through the streets of Eubric, the group fought off vampires, drunken sell-swords, enchanted taxidermy, and interrogated many suspects before finally discovering the treacherous Balthazar Bluehood who intended to restore his wizened body to former glory and beyond using the invention. After a battle with a mutated Bluehood, the Party destroyed the machine and set all to right.

Party Edit

Notable NPCs Edit

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