"The Crimson Reaper" infiltrates the Hinckwell Villa.

"The Crimson Reaper" was a red-clad elven assassin was hired by Violetta the Cat Burglar to distract a group of heroes from Heroica while she stole a precious heirloom from the Hinckwells. The rookie red assassin was all talk and no talent, and was swiftly defeated by the heroes.


Battle StatisticsEdit

The Crimson Reaper

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 20
  • Health: 294/294
  • Special I: Crimson Wave – Causes cursed-effect to all opponents, reducing their max. health by 3 every turn until only 1 health remains or the effect is remedied.
  • Special II: Assassination – Instantly knocks out the target. Used only if the target is cursed.
  • Drops: Wave Sword (WP:11, cursed-effect, suitable to knights and rogues)

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