The Faerie is the dimension from which fairies originate from. It is separate from the universe where Olegaia is situated, but the veil between the dimensions is thin. The rifts leading to one dimension to another often manifests as "fairy rings", flowers or mushrooms growing in a circle on the ground. Time flows in a fickle manner in the Faerie, and a person who has gone there might spend a day there and return a second or a decade later to his own world.

Fairy Dust Edit

The atmosphere of The Fairie has a magical property, often referred to as "Fairy Dust". It makes the environment glimmer and glisten. It also gives the inhabitants of the dimensions wondrous powers, such as the power to change color, size and gender.

That is the reason why Fairy Dust is much sought after in other dimensions. The fairies are currently at war with Rosier, one of the Archdemons, who breached through the veil between the dimensions with a host of Dark Druids, in an attempt to feed on Fairy Dust.

The Seelie Court Edit

Myths say that The Faeries is ruled by the goddess Sylvania herself. The fairies themselves call their elusive queen Ylwannath, but mundane matters are governed by the Seelie Court formed from the oldest and most powerful fairies. The current prime minister is Euflear, who is one of the few to have ventured outside of The Faerie for long periods of time. That is why s/he is considered to lead the fairies in the war against Rosier.

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