Our esteemed employer who is the richest man in all of Eubric has fallen into a sort of coma sleep which we cannot get our esteemed employer out of. We are in need of heroes to go and clean his mind out is what the heroes will have to do. We will be ever grateful. The Great Guffington's mind is a terrifying and marvelous place. You should be warned that you could run into many different things there. Be on your toes.
~ U'Ordiussum
The Great Guffington was the thirty-ninth quest of the Heroica RPG. It was hosted by Zepher.

Plot Edit

The heroes were greeted by Doc Daneeka and U'Ordiussum (U'Or). They explain that Guffington has been sent a strange powder by a "friendly rival", Lord Hughes, and has fallen into a deep sleep that he can't awaken from. The heroes are sent into Guffington's dream to try to wake him.

Guffington Dream

A Young Gerald Guffington leaving his home island.

The heroes encounter a great number of challenges and memories in Guffington's dream, along with a myriad of Guffington's from different stages in his life. Eventually they are able to track the current Guffington down and discover that he has decided to remain within his dream, since he believes he has seen all there is to be seen. Guts is able to convince him that's not the case as he tap dances. Guffington awakens, and thanks the heroes.

Notable NPCs Edit

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