Hello heroes! The Frog Paladin, Sir Pillus, and his trusty hound stead, Lord Barkley Barkington, have gone rogue, and I have been hired to track them down! I thought you'd like to come along.
~ Russel Ruffers the Crab Sellsword and his steed Pigley
The Great Hunt was the forty-fourth quest of the Heroica RPG. It was hosted by Zepher.

Plot Edit

The heroes meet Russel Ruffers and Sir Pigley, who give them Sylvania's Cowls, granting them the ability to talk with animals. The animals explain that Sir Pillus and Barkley were just a day away, and that Sir Pillus has been thrown out of the Frog Paladin Order due to his experimentation with necromancy.

That night, Russel tests the heroes' ability by sparring with them. They are able to best him, but barely.

The next morning the heroes confront the pig and dog, and are able to defeat them. Sir Pillus is killed, and Barkley is brought to the Frog Paladin Head quarters for re-habilitation.

Trivia Edit

Quest 41 is the shortest Quest to date.

Notable NPCs Edit

  • Russel Ruffers
  • Sir Pigley
  • Sir Pillus
  • Barkley Bakington

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