• Faction: Crescent Union
  • Symbol: Lightning Cross
  • Colours: Red, Gold, Sand Green
  • Base: Ji Pei Palace

Hailing from a far-away land of Xu, the family of Ji Pei are the latest of the Six Houses in Power to arrive to the Free Islands. The ambassador is known for her knowledge in architecture and building techniques, which are highly sought after in the “Ever-changing City” of Eubric. However, the family's cultural background clashes with the customs of the city, so it is often not easy to understand their intentions. The family is also closely connected to Tritech Corporation, a group of scientists making a technological breakthrough with ethertech.

When Ulric Wolfkin's rising popularity threatened the future of the city, the Ji Pei aligned themselves with the Guild of Invision and the Shadeaux to form the Crescent Union.

The Ji Pei Family Edit

Associates Edit

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