The Seneschal used to be a golem caretaker of the Tower of Babel in the Babeleth Darklands after all the sorcerers had abandoned it. It is one of the rare golems with a "heart", meaning it is capable of independent thinking while still feeling obligated to serve its masters.


The Seneschal commands an army of golems to attack infiltrators.

After being defeated by a group of heroes from Heroica set on destroying the tower, The Seneschal lost his purpose in life. It was adopted by one of the heroes, En Sabah Nur, who asked the geomancer Cinnabar to remold it into his minion, who he renamed Alfred. The golem has not left Nur's side since.


Cinnabar recreates The Seneschal from a golem's heart.


Battle StatisticsEdit

The Seneschal

  • *Absorbs Earth* *Immune to stunned, asleep, fast asleep, confused, hexed, jinxed, slowed, minimized, cursed, petrified, doomed and sudden death*
  • Type: Ethereal/Rock
  • Level: 50
  • Defense: 5
  • Health: 1521/1521
  • Special: Earth Pulse – Causes 25 earth-elemental damage to all combatants and removes all effects from them.
  • Drops: Robe of the Seneschal (SP:5; wearer absorbs earth-elemental damage and is immune to petrified; suitable to clerics, mages, chi monks, necromancers and scholars; bodywear), 2 Garnets

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