Thunderbird is an avian monster that appears in the Fields of Glory. It is also featured in a Decamon card (Electric 3).

Battle StatisticsEdit


  • *Ranged, fights from the back row* *Absorbs lightning*
  • Type: Flying/Electric
  • Level: 39
  • Health: 698/698
  • Special: Lightning Speed – The Thunderbird causes 39 lightning-elemental damage to the target, and gets an extra Free Hit at the end of the current round, regardless of other effects. If the special is rolled several times in one round, the Thunderbird gets that many Free Hits.
  • Drops (varies by roll):
    • 1-3: Rudra Bomb (Deals 100 lightning-elemental damage to all opponents when used.)
    • 4-6: Smelling Salts

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