Tools assist a character outside of combat. There are several kinds of tools in Heroica:

  • Bedroll (Allows the hero to rest and regain health and ether in a safe place.)
  • Decamodifier (Transforms an enemy with a quarter or less health left into a Decamon card when used, if there is a corresponding card. The monster will not drop anything if it is modified. Tool.)
  • Flint and Steel (Useful for lighting fires.)
  • Key (Opens a specific lock.)
  • Magic Compass (Allows the hero to know the right direction.)
  • Magnifying Glass (Allows the hero to see trap triggers.)
  • Map (Reveals the outlines of an area.)
  • Pickaxe (Allows the hero to dig through a breakable wall or obstacle.)
  • Shovel (Allows the hero to dig the ground in search of treasures.)
  • Telescope (Allows the hero to see objects far off.)

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