Map of the Triad Park.

The Triad Park is a triangular park located at the base of the Crescent Hill in Eubric Freeport. It is frequented by all sorts of misfits and delinquents, especially by night.

The park is divided into four distinct sections:


The Fountain of the Three Gods.

  • Fountain of the Three Gods: Located at the center of the park, the fountain depicts the three sons (or aspects) of the city's patron god Mercutio: Power, Wealth and Fame.

The Grove of the Forsaken.

  • Grove of the Forsaken: A group of gravestones on the southern part of the park, dedicated to the lost who were never found.

The Luminous Passage.

  • Luminous Passage: A pathway running across the park, illuminated by countless of colorful lanterns.

The Stone Garden.

  • Stone Garden: An artsy collection of stone pillars on the northern part of the park, made by some forgotten sculptor.

Connections to quests. Edit

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