U'Daras is a U'kin who lives in the Dastan Empire. She has served a number of political roles over the course of her years - first as an advisor to the deceased U'Kin protestor and politician U'Stus, then as the head of the Dragon Knights. She is the next in line to the throne once Emperor Victor Phyllius.

Personality Edit

Though U'Daras is occasionally known to become enraged, she is often calm in situations of combat. Having served under U'Stus she is aware of the radical changes it will take for her people to be properly recognized, and is ready to fight for her people, though she recognizes the fear that the humans of Dastan have, and recognizes the danger within it.

She is also a skilled fighter, able to fight wielding a double-headed axe, a halberd, and a sword.

Appearances Edit

In Quest 30 she fought in the battle of Drakencourt and arrived at the Palace in time to see Wren incinerate U'Vires. She was shortly there after appointed the new commander of the Dragon Knights by Emperor Victor.

In Quest 104 she served alongside Victor in the Battle of

Stats Edit

  • U'Daras
  • Level 41.4 Guardian Knight *Immune to Blind and Wind Damage* *Reinforced*
  • Health: 58/58
  • SP:  24
  • Equipment: Dragon Knight Halberd (WP: 40, Fire-Light-Wind Elemental), Dragon Knight Uniform (SP: 10, Bodywear, Immune to Blind and Wind Damage)
  • Inventory: Greater Potion (Restores 50 Health), Military Grade Fire Bomb x2, Mead, Nostrum

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