U'Voros is a cautious but brave U'Kin who serves as Princess Ella's direct guard, and has travelled the world with her. He is not the strongest fighter, but he would gladly give his life for his Princess. He has assisted the heroes in a number of battles.

Biography Edit

U'Voros comes from a normal U'Kin family, and lived in the settlements quartined by Emperor Brunt's wall. It isn't clear when he joined Dastan's military, or if he served in the battle of Drakencourt.

Quest 84: Bad Blood Edit

When Ella travelled to Uland to begin training under the Oracle, U'Voros was chosen to accompany her. They ran into a group of heroes at the Weeping Inn, though Ella remained disguised.

Quest 92: The Prophetess and the Warrior Edit

U'Voros once again served alongside the heroes and Ella. He admitted to the heroes, while bringing them to Ella, that he did not believe in the existence of the fabled book of the Prophetess and the Warrior, a common fairy tale in Dastan. He also admitted he disliked the city. Regardless, he stood alongside the heroes as they faced a number of obstacles, and eventually recovered the great book. Shortly thereafter, he, Tarn and Ella returned to Dastan.

Quest 104: Ace Assassin: Duel Dragoons Edit

U'Voros ran into the heroes of 104 as they faced against the Pongcanis rebel Tarban. After some initial confusion, he assisted them in defeating the rebel leader.

Quest #139: Around the World Edit

U'Voros once more assisted the heroes, meeting them when Guffington's flying ship landed and bringing them to the palace, holding off violent protesters with their help. The next day he and the heroes battled the human rebel Sven. When his force was defeated, Sven held a dagger to U'Voros and threatened to kill him unless Emperor Victor defended his throne. Victor agreed. After the Right of the People, Sven still threatened to kill the U'Kin and his people. Phil quickly dispatched of the rebel, saving U'Voros.

Appearances Edit

  • Quest #84: Bad Blood
  • Quest #85: Visions of Unblinking Horror
  • Quest #92: The Prophetess and the Warrior
  • Quest #104: Ace Assassins: Duel Dragoons
  • Quest #107: Deeper (Vision)
  • Quest #139: Around the World

Stats Edit

  • Level 13 Knight
  • Power: 19
  • Health: 22/22
  • Defense:  7
  • Gold: 37
  • Equipment: Dastan Halberd (WP: 7), Not-so-fashionable Shield (SP: 7), Secondhand Cloak of Deception (Backwear, Free hits against the wearer have a 1/6 chance to be redirected to a random opponent)
  • Inventory:

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