Lilbelly in his office back when he was still a captain.

Ubert Lilbelly, a former captain of the Town Watch, was greedy and gluttonous, which are both common traits for a watchman in Eubric. His continuous failure to fulfill the demands of the six houses in power caused him to be demoted into a lieutenant. He blamed Heroica for his demotion, and his bitterness grew to such an extend that he decided to side with the Wolfgang, convincing two constables, Llowlyfe and Longjon, to join him. His traitorous actions were soon cut short by Heroica.


Battle StatisticsEdit


Lieutenant Lilbelly

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 18
  • Health: 407/407
  • Special: Revenge Is Sweet – Causes damage equal to lost health divided by 10 (rounded up).
  • Drops: Lieutenant’s Helmet (SP:3, protects from fragile-effect)

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