Ulric Wolfkin, the "Wolfheaded Messiah", came to Eubric Freeport one night riding a giant direwolf, and single-handedly won over a criminal gang after another. He turned the most loyal followers into werewolves - among them the pickpocket Donny Dozenhands, the burglar Violetta and the poisoner Nikolaus Steerpike. Thus the Wolfgang was formed, and a whole village known as the Wolf's Den built into the sewage system running under Eubric.

But Ulric has no intention to remain as a crime lord hiding in the sewers. He is driven by his mother Ulrica's vision where he is the first King of Eubric, saving it's citizens from an impending doom. He has gradually won over the hearts of the small people of the city, but six powerful houses stand in his way. Ulric will stop at nothing to achieve his vision, even aligning himself with an immortal witch called Baba, who has a reputation of being involved in several historical catastrophes. He even went as far as to convince a group of heroes from Heroica to defy their leaders to protect Baba's - who he calls Barbie - identity.


Ulric and his allies at the Wolf's Den.

However, when Baba's true identity as a mythical mindflayer was revealed, Ulric became to regret the pact he had made. Behind Baba's back, Ulric got a hold of a "Psycrown", the only known artifact capable of repelling a mindflayer's powers. With it in his hands, Ulric banished Baba from the Wolfgang.


Ulric and Kukulkan at the entrance of the Wolf's Den.

This attracted the attention of Kukulkan, the leader of the Orcish Liberation Movement and one of the Veterans of Heroica. Both being desperate to find new allies in the city, the werewolf and the orc came to an agreement to help each other. This increased Ulric's position in the city tremendously, for he was now able to reach openly to Heroica for assistance. This new coalition became known as Wolf King's Followers.

The true motivation of Ulric's actions were revealed when heroes of Heroica encountered his mother Ulrica in the city of Salmanda. Ulrica claimed to be a prophetess of Sarfangr, the norse werewolf god of hunting and bad omens. Ulrica had learned from the myths surrounding the wolf god that Sarfangr's chosen "Wolf King" would rise to sit on the throne of the "Kingdom of Moon" and from there salvage people from the great deluge that comes with "Ragnarök", the end of the world. Ulrica was convinced that her son was the prophecized Wolf King, so she sent Ulric down south to Eubric, which was all that remained of the capital of Mercution, the ancient kingdom of Moon Elves. Ulric was raised by her determined mother into believing the myths were true, and was glad to oblige if it meant he had the chance to save the world.


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