Ulrica is a white-furred werewolf from Värtland and the mother of both Ulric Wolfkin and Mörric. Ever since she was young, she has had visions of a disastrous future. She believes they come from Sarfangr, the norse god of wolves, hunting and bad omens. Ulrica studied ancient sagas and learned a prophecy about a "Wolf King" sitting on the throne of the "Kingdom of Moon", who would salvage people from "Ragnarök", the end of the world, when a great flood would drown everything.

All through her life Ulrica has been led by these visions, and she raised her two sons accordingly. Ulric shared her mother's belief in the visions, but Mörric rebelled, becoming envious for the attention his older brother was getting. When Ulric grew up, Ulrica sent her to Uland, which she believed was the "Kingdom of Moon" of the prophecy due to it being what remained of the ancient Moon Elven kingdom of Mercution, to become the "Wolf King".


Ulrica banished from the conclave.

Ulrica herself sought ways to gain more followers outside the werefolk, going even as far as joining the Sisters of Danab and spreading the religion to Värtland. When the previous Eldest Sister died, Ulrica travelled to the conclave in Salmanda and attempted to take that position. Her plans were foiled by her excessively ruthless measures, but she did gain a lot of support nevertheless.


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