Umbra Shadeaux is the sultry heiress of the Shadeaux fortune. She was only a teenager when her family was exiled from the Kingdom of Charis, but she still speaks with a heavy accent like her father, Count Noctus Shadeaux. Also taking to him, Umbra is daring and calculative, but she also cares about her family's well-being greatly. She is responsible for many day-to-day chores in the family business because of her father's inability to be exposed to sunlight. Being a woman in a very male-dominated business has forced her to act more butch than she really is. She has a passionate rivalry with Lorcan Hinckwell.

In battle she fights with a rapier and a shield, like the noble knights of Charis.


Umbra defending her family business.

Appearances Edit

Battle Statistics Edit

Quest#2 Edit

Umbra Shadeaux

  • Type: Humanoid
  • Level: 6
  • Health: 30/30
  • Special: Cloud of Darkness – Causes the blinded-effect on the target, making it unable to use a physical attack for the next three turns or until remedied.
  • Drops: 50 gold, 1 Fleuret (WP: 4, suitable to knights and rogues), 1 Shadeaux Shield (SP: 4)

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