As the Head Transportrix, Valentine Ziegfried is in charge of the mail that the members of the wizard family of the Ziegfrieds send to each other. One day she decided to extend her mailing spell to outsiders, first testing the system she nicknamed "Z-Mail" on the unsuspecting heroes of Heroica.

Valentine has two sons with different fathers. Arthur Justus Regulus VII was sired in an affair with her coworker Arthur Justus Regulus VI, but Valentine left him to his father. Later, a fling with a renown elf from Brobric resulted in the birth of Noel Ziegfried, who she raised on her own. Having always focused on her career, acting as a parent was difficult to Valentine.

Valentine's own parents were Celsius and Vivienne Ziegfried, and she had a brother, Zander, who is deceased, and a living sister, Merryweather.


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