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Venkler is an apparition haunting the Waltzing Dragon Inn with his companions, Stanman, Spengmore, and Zeddtz. In their past lives, the friends formed the Ghost Dusters, a group of paranormal exterminators. After dealing with a particularly nasty spook at the inn, the exorcists found themselves on the other side of the mortal plane in varying degrees of mortality. Nowadays the friends simply watch the world go by and help out mortals as best they can from their position as they did when a group of heroes from Heroica came through the inn attempting to evict some of the squatting tenants. Venkler is the perpetual joker of the group and always up for pranking some of the inns other guests. His sarcasm can be difficult to pick up on at times due to his absence of facial features.

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The Ghost Dusters.

Appearances Edit

Quest #65: Breaking Down the Door

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