Monsignore Vincent Legonardo is the most talented all-around genius Olegaia has ever seen. He studied under the aoi engineers of Xu for decades, and then returned to his old hometown of Eubric Freeport with the House of Ji Pei some years ago. Together he and the Tritech Corporation he founded quickly rose to fame by selling their mechanical inventions to the people of Eubric. Some rumours say that Legonardo might not even be from this time and age, that's how advanced his creations are.

It was he who taught the people of Xu to build airships. He personally designed the largest and most powerful of them, the Azure Ark, for the Council of the Blue Hand that rules Xu. His own vessel, Destiny's Bounty (Mark XVI), is naturally the fastest and most advanced of all airships, and with it he can travel around the world in a matter of weeks. Automata - humanoid robots powered by ethertech - are another one of his grand designs, and he keeps on inventing more advanced versions constantly.


Vincent Legonardo with some of his inventions, the airship Destiny's Bounty and the G.E.M. automata.


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